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Individual Voluntary Benefits

More and more companies offer voluntary benefits to their employees or to business associates (customers, suppliers, and vendors, for example).

What types of benefits are offered?

A wide variety of voluntary benefits is available.  They may or may not require individual underwriting, depending on the plan and the number of persons eligible for coverage. 

FBS has concrete experience with:
h Supplemental life insurance
Supplemental AD&D insurance
Medical insurance plans
h Medical discount plans
h Specific illness insurance plans
h Dental insurance plans
h Dental discount plans
Prescription drug insurance plans
Prescription discount plans
h Short-term disability insurance plans
h Long-term disability insurance plans
Why are voluntary benefits becoming more popular?

There are good reasons for their increasing popularity:

      Many employers have been forced to cutback or eliminate their group health and welfare plans.  Voluntary benefits help employees fill gaps in their coverage.

      Employers have no regulatory responsibility or financial risk with voluntary benefits.  The contracts are between the insuring company and employees; the employer merely uses its buying power to reduce costs for employees, and collects premiums through payroll deductions.

      Businesses offer these benefits in order to strengthen their relationship with their customers.

      Voluntary benefits dont intrude on your regular business priorities.  Administration is totally outsourced.

How do we find out if voluntary benefits will work for us?

Thats the easy part.  Just contact FBS.  We will be happy to schedule free consultations with you.  Youll be pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process is.


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